About the Cove


The Cove is an online professional development network for the Australian Army hosted on the World Wide Web, thereby allowing access to Professional Military Education anywhere, anytime. It provides quality resources through its daily publishing of digital content and acts as a platform for the contest of ideas and promoting ground-up innovation. The Cove is designed to connect Defence members together into a professional network, based on their professional interests and/or level of experience. We act as a medium for the sharing of experience and expertise through a variety of videos, podcasts, blogs, resources/tools and academic papers to engage all sorts of learning styles. Some of our content is guided, but most of it is designed to be self-accessed and shared.

The Cove is based on the theory of ‘Connectivism’. Often referred to as a 'learning theory for the digital age', connectivism recognises the importance of developing communities of practise to share expertise and enhance continuous learning.


While there is a breadth of information available on the World Wide Web, we have found that our most valuable resource is our own people. The Defence community contains a wealth of knowledge, experience and wisdom that, if shared, can help pave the way for future generations. If we can tap into this experience we will genuinely sharpen our operational edge. As with any career, the 'Profession of Arms' is best learnt from those who have gone before. For this reason we encourage all members to contribute their ideas and add their own voice. This isn't a social network, it's a network about war. So the most important button on the Cove is the 'Make A Submission' function so you can bring your experience to the network. Use the ‘Contact Us’ button if you would like help with creating blogs, papers, articles, videos and events. Active participation is rewarding and can bring about significant change.

The Cove is all about a mature and professional conversation. By using our resources, you agree to adhere to the Cove Charter. It's simple: adhere to Army's values. If you can't do that, you won't be allowed to take part. 


The Cove has five 'Channels': Trenchline, Break In, Command Post, War Room and Unit PME.

Trenchline  (Junior Leaders) 

Trenchline is aimed at junior leaders (for example, section or platoon commanders). With the support of the Land Warfare Centre and our users, we have included practical resources on a range of interesting topics such as tactics, leadership, training, values and soldiers' fives.

Break In (Sub-Unit Leadership) 

‘Break In’ is all about developing sub-unit leadership teams. It helps you to dive into the deeper, theoretical aspects of conflict such as: Leadership & Ethics, War, Strategy, Operational Art and Tactical & Technical. As these topics can be complex, 'Intro' guides are included to help you 'break in' to the subject matter.

Command  Post (Staff Roles) 

The Command Post is dedicated to supporting personnel fulfilling Staff appointments. It includes articles, resources and tools to help with the day to day. The main three themes are Staff Skills, Planning and Liaison and Staff Functions.

War Room (The Operating Environment)  

The War Room focuses on the changing character of war. It includes three themes: The Contemporary Operating Environment, the Future Operating Environment and Innovation and Adaptation.

Unit PME (PME Resources)

Unit PME is your go to resource for conducting individual and collective PME with themes such as PME Resources, Cove Talks, Reading for War, Conditioning, Military History, Wargaming and Doctrine. We are confident that you will be able to find something in Unit PME to support your PME efforts.


CoveTalks are live-streamed presentations from influential specialists presenting on their field of expertise to local attendees and an online viewing audience.

Pre-eminent national and international guests are engaged to deliver information on current military affairs, offering unique insights not easily attainable through online research. The live-streaming provides the opportunity for a vast array of Defence members to participate, irrespective of their geographic location. Real-time information feeds allow for questions from the local or online audience, allowing for an open and respectful contest of ideas. 

Live streamed CoveTalks are only available to current serving ADF members and require pre-event registration; however, the recorded presentation will be made available to The Cove users shortly after the event.  

If you are aware of an upcoming presentation that you think a broader ADF audience would benefit from viewing, please use the ‘Contact’ option at the bottom of the website to advise The Cove Team.  


Cove Conferences are designed to introduce junior leaders to new ways of thinking about their role in the Profession of Arms. They are designed and delivered by the PME Team at HQ FORCOMD in close consultation with the training audience’s chain of command. 

The conferences are conducted over a week but split into two day sessions for different groups of leaders, ie LCPL,CPL and LT as one group and SGT, WO2, CAPT and MAJs as the second group. The program, as determined by the chain of command, can include small group activities, often self-led by the syndicates for maximum participation. 

‘Think and Drink’ sessions, where conference participants have the opportunity to pose questions to a senior panel in a mature environment over a drink, have been highly commended by participants in the past. This could be on-base at a Mess or Soldiers Club or at a local RSL. These sessions set the conditions for continued PME activities known as ‘Time with Teams’. This is where participants return to their units and conduct PME activities under sub-unit command arrangements. 

Ultimately, Cove Conferences aim to increase the intellectual component of fighting power through providing learning opportunities for commanders based on a theme determined by the formation’s chain of command. The PME Cell will collect footage from the conference and subsequently develop collective PME products for use across the Army which will be loaded onto The Cove. 


The aim of Army’s Professional Development Program, COVE+, is to enhance the intellectual component of fighting power IOT improve the Army's capacity to apply force, or threaten to apply force, against an adversary in the land domain.

COVE+ is a library of tertiary-level learning modules, of between 10 and 40 hours of content each. It will be hosted on the Australian Defence Education Learning Environment (Unclassified) or ADELE(U) learning management system, as a 100% online and self-paced program, available at no cost to learners.

COVE+ modules are being developed in partnership with Australian tertiary institutions and cover a wide range of topics. We have specifically designed these to enable our people to tackle a broader range of complex problems through improving critical thinking skills within the context of the Profession of Arms.

COVE+ provides the opportunity for all our people - regardless of SERCAT, rank, trade or Corps - to raise individual critical thinking, decision making and professional knowledge in five categories of study: 

  • the art and science of thinking

  • the art and science of war

  • leadership, ethics and society

  • science, technology, engineering and mathematics

  • organisational management, projects and people. 

As a self-paced program, the absence of course dates or time limits will allow anyone undertaking learning to complete all components within their own capacity, allowing for breaks due to personal needs or service requirements, such as deployments or exercises.