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SNCO Leadership Day | UK Centre for Army Leadership

On 24 Sep 2020, the UK's Centre for Army Leadership launched their inaugural SNCO Leadership Day. Amongst a suite of distinguished officers, SGT Ben Katz's spoke to SNCO leadership from an Australian...

By The Cove

UK Centre for Army Leadership

Leadership & Ethics

One Hundred Hints for Company Officers

Duncan Foster has found a gem from our past that still holds true today.

By Duncan Foster


Wen bai yupela kam bek gen? – Increasing the ADF’s permanent presence in Papua New Guinea

In this article Phillip Hermes looks at the past efforts of 12 CE Works to articulate the need for the ADF to increase its permanent presence in Papua New Guinea.

By Phillip Hermes


Microcredentials for Increased Learning Agility in Accelerated Warfare

In this short read, Malcolm Woodside outlines how the Army can increase the agility, simplicity and capacity of its Future Ready Training System.

By Malcolm Woodside

Military History

Advancements in Trauma Patient Care made in the Korean War

Temma Perry informs us of some of the medical advances made during the Korean War.

By Temma Perry

Military History

This Week in History | Week 43

This week we found the arrival of the Movement Control Unit in Somalia, the founding of the Australian Red Cross Missing and Wounded Enquiry Bureau, the battle of Yongju and the beginning of the...

By The Cove


Unified Defence Values and Behaviours

The Chief of Army issued an order on 6 October 2020 announcing Army’s transition from its values to the Defence Values. This article reflects on what this could mean to you.

By David Guthrie

Staff Functions

A new ERP is just the first step…

Clare Buttenshaw writes how the new Enterprise Resource Planner (ERP) will streamline admin; however, she also believes it may be an opportunity to change how we use IT in Army.

By Clare Buttenshaw

Leadership & Ethics

Leadership Quarterly Edition 1 | Centre for Australian Army Leadership

Check out the first edition of Leadership Quarterly from the Centre for Australian Army Leadership.

By The Centre for Australian Army Leadership


Playing Board Games for PME? Using Diplomacy to Discuss Communication, Strategy, Values and Ethics

In this article Chaplain John Dansie reports on the results of using the board game 'Diplomacy' as a training tool for character training.

By John Dansie