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Military History

The Highest Honour #1 | Charles Anderson | Thomas Axford

For the first post of 'The Highest Honour' we are looking at VC recipients Charles Anderson and Thomas Axford.

By The Cove


Learning and Leading through Collaboration

In this reflective article, Chris Thorburn expresses some of his hard learnt lessons on leadership.

By Chris Thorburn

Staff Functions

Managing our People through the Capability Life Cycle

In this article Robert Gibson argues that our greatest capability, our people, needs to be managed through the capability life cycle as a ‘cradle to grave’ system akin to how we manage other...

By Robert Gibson

Staff Skills

Effective Communication

In Army we understand the importance of effective communication, or do we? In this article Kyle Myers argues that we may not be effectively communicating.

By Kyle Myers

Innovation and Adaptation

Learn to Code – Skills and Equipment for the 2030 CER

Thomas Tilque thinks the skills the Sapper of 2030 will need will be very different to the ones they have today......

By Thomas Tilque


Along the path of training modernisation

Ben Kreis gives us an insight into the training advances at the Geospatial Intelligence Wing (GIW) of the Defence Force School of Intelligence (DFSI).

By Ben Kreis

Tactical and Technical

The Future of UAS Maintenance

Stephen Wardrop thinks that UAS maintenance may become an issue in the future, so he gives us some possible solutions.

By Stephen Wardrop

Military History

The Highest Honour

Throughout this year we will be looking at the Australians who have won the Victoria Cross and what they did to deserve 'The Highest Honour'.

By The Cove

Innovation and Adaptation

Military Technology? You’re the Wrong Person to Ask

Judging technology’s advance is tricky – particularly if you have experience!

By Mike Kalms

Leadership & Ethics

Amor Fati – A Love of Fate – a Reflection of Command in COVID-19

Callum Muntz reflects on the impact COVID-19 had on his 2020.

By Callum Muntz