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Military History

Lone Pine - 105th Anniversary Special

The 6th August 2020 marks the 105th anniversary of the Battle of Lone Pine, so The Cove Team have put together a deeper look into the Battle of Lone Pine and some other less known facts about this...

By The Cove

Military History

This Week In History | Week 32

Week 33 was a big one in history, two major actions at Gallipoli, the battle of Lone Pine and the attack on the Nek. Other history changing events include Britain declaring war on Germany in 1914,...

By The Cove


Developing Army Shooting Capability through Superior Training Techniques

In this experience-based article, Peter Bowles suggests that we change the way we conduct and assess ‘combat shooting'.

By Peter Bowles


Give us all Extras! Contributing to the prevention of MEC downgrades through subsidised healthcare ‘extras'

In this excellent article, Dominic Lopez argues that if the ADF were to provide 'extras' healthcare cover, it would not only help in preventing injury, but would also improve unit readiness.

By Dominic Lopez

Leadership & Ethics

Reflections on the Foibles of Chaplaincy

Are Chaplains relevant in the Army of today? In this post Army Chaplain Renton McRae uses his experience to give us some views on the role of the Chaplain in the modern Army.

By Renton McRae


Evolution of Royal Marines Commando leadership training

The Cove is proud to be a part of a broad network of PME organisations and today's article is the first in a series from the Command Wing of the Commando Training Centre Royal Marines. The article...

By Command Wing | Commando Training Centre Royal Marines

Military History

This Week in History | Week 31

This week we look at the formation of the Australian Women's Land Army, fighting at Ruin Ridge (first battle of Alamein), the Third Battle of Ypres and last major action involving Australians at...

By The Cove


Link | Strategic Assessment for Quarter 2 I Australian Army Research Centre

The AARC Quarterly Strategic Assessment highlights key trends and challenges to the Army in order to inform force design, structure and posture decisions.

By The Cove

PME Resources

Smart Soldier: Army working in a pandemic

This special release publication contains tips for soldiers working in a pandemic. Each article was drafted early in the spread of COVID-19 and approved by the COVID-19 Task Force.

By Army Knowledge Centre