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Tactical and Technical

Expansion of the Army Reserve

This article features some big ideas about how the Army Reserve could get ready for conflicts of the future.

By Iain Adams

Staff Skills

Where Steel Meets Flesh

This piece by an Army reservist who is also a civilian surgeon describes how the latter contains lessons for the former.

By Matthew Jones

Staff Skills

How can we make the most of our Part-Time workforce?

This article contains suggestions for how to improve the Army Reserve by helping people better balance their Reserve and civilian commitments.

By Rory McDonald

Operational Art

An Entrenched Culture - Part One: What the Army could learn from the Emergency Services

This article posits that entrenched Army culture holds it back from being as effective as it could be in domestic operations, drawing on examples and lessons from Operation NSW FLOOD ASSIST 2021.

By Kathleen Pisani

Operational Art

The Need to be Smarter on Domestic Operations

The ADF has been increasingly called on to support domestic operations, this article provides some detail and suggests ways that support could potentially be improved.

By Chris Linney


Voices of War Podcast - The Situation in Afghanistan

The first in a collection of podcasts produced by a member of our Army, CAPT Vedran 'Maz' Maslic, speaks with a range of people affected by conflict, "to bring to life the true costs of war, through...

By Vedran Maslic

Leadership & Ethics

Hormones and Teamwork: Why Military Leaders Eat Last

Bryn Smith gives delivers an overview on how hormones affect team dynamics and thus the cohesion and effectiveness of Army units.

By Bryn Smith

Collective PME

#KYR: Fiji - The Vuvale Partnership

The Vuvale Partnership is the name given to the partnership between Fiji and Australia. This article gives more depth on what it is and what it means for both countries.

By The Cove

Collective PME

#KYR: Fiji - Economy

This article focuses on the financial aspects of Fiji, including international trade and domestic economics.

By The Cove

Collective PME

#KYR: Fiji - Military

This article gives an overview of military in Fiji; including its structure, previous coups, peacekeeping missions, and its cooperation with Australian military.

By The Cove