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#KYR: Cambodia - Diplomacy

This article covers the history of Cambodia's government and its historic and current foreign relations.

By The Cove

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#KYR: Cambodia - Information

This article explores the peoples and cultures of Cambodia.

By The Cove

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#KYR: Cambodia - Military

This article describes Cambodia's military.

By The Cove

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#KYR: Cambodia - Economy

This article describes Cambodia's economy and trade.

By The Cove

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#KYR: Cambodia - Special Issue

This article explores the Khmer Rouge period of Cambodian history as well as Cambodia's relationship with Australia.

By The Cove

Operational Art

Revisiting the past for Future Ready capability: Counter fires and the RAA

This article looks back on the history of counter fires to suggest where the RAA needs to evolve for the future.

By Nicholas Mahr

Future Operating Environment

Swarm: UAS swarming technology and ‘future ready’ for the 20th Regiment

This paper discusses how recent technological advancement in UAS Swarms impacts the Army's key TUAS unit.

By Andy Le


Honest Mistakes and Better Soldiers

This article contains advice on how to address mistakes to make for better soldiering.

By David Griffiths

Innovation and Adaptation

The changing face of Joint Fires and Effects in formation reconnaissance: How the Royal Australian Artillery must evolve

This article addresses areas where the Royal Australian Artillery may need to change to adjust to recent and future developments in warfare.

By Aaron Foster

Staff Functions

Untapped Opportunities? Global Health Engagement in the Australian Defence Force

This article discusses the possibility of exporting the ADF's health services to allied nations for the purpose of increasing relations and skills retention.

By Tony Chen