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Contemporary Operating Environment

Accelerating Land Based Fires

Has the ADF been seduced by the availability of non-organic close air support in recent 'wars of choice' where the luxury of air superiority is assured? As a result have we lost sight of the...

By Benjamin Gray

Staff Skills

Reflective Practice - One Stop Shop

The Cove has a series of tools to help you become a reflective practitioner. Here they are on one page.

By The Cove

Military History

The Highest Honour #37 | Samuel Pearse | Walter Peeler

Samuel Pearse and Walter Peeler were both in machine-gun battalions when awarded VCs for their action in World War I.

By The Cove


Clausewitz and Centres of Gravity: ​​​​​​​Turning the esoteric into practical outcomes

Since Clausewitz is no longer alive to explain exactly what he meant when describing 'Centre of Gravity', here is one interpretation from a gentlemen with a little bit of military experience.

By Michael Krause


ICYMI: JNCO QME: Edition 7 - Leadership v Likership

Is it important to be liked as a leader? When is the pursuit of being liked by your subordinates detrimental to your leadership ability? Some challenging concepts covered in this latest Quick...

By The Cove


Smart Soldier - Q&A with Regimental Sergeant Major - Army

Some very good advice from our most senior soldier.

By Army Knowledge Centre

Military History

The Importance of Key Terrain – A Case Study of the Daughters of Jacob Bridge

Many military leaders of the past failed to consider the importance of key terrain. This case study of the Daughters of Jacob Bridge is a lesson to all leaders, not to underestimate the value of key...

By David Adams

Staff Functions

The Regimental Sergeant Major in Planning

This article lays out one way in which a Regimental Sergeant Major may contribute effectively in aiding their commander during the planning process by utilising the advantages of their role.

By Brad Doyle

Military History

The Highest Honour #36 | Frank Partridge | Keith Payne

Frank Partridge, a VC recipient in WW2 and a very successful contestant on the television quiz show - 'Pick a Box.' While Keith Payne, a VC recipient in the Vietnam War who is still today active in...

By The Cove

Military History

Vietnam Veterans Day 2021

On Vietnam Veterans' Day, we pause and reflect on the bravery, teamwork and endurance that Australians displayed throughout the war. It's a day when we recognise all who served in Vietnam.

By The Cove