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Mental Resilience Training

A link to the psychological resilience program developed by the British Army's School of Infantry and recommended by 5 RAR.

By Michaele Bond


Experimenting with a COTS Wargame as a PME Tool

A New Zealand Army perspective on Commercial Off-the-Shelf Wargames for PME.

By The Cove

Reading for War

RAAC Doctrine Reading Chart

RAAC doctrine is the professional body of knowledge for Australian armoured warfare. But how do you read it?

By Army Knowledge Centre


What are the Physical Requirements of the Modern Battlefield?

Physicality is an enduring feature of warfare. But what does this mean in the 21st century battlespace?

By Calen Thomas

Innovation and Adaptation

The School of Armour Papers 2016

A collection of thoughts and ideas from staff at the School of Armour

By Tom McDermott


Authentic Leadership

In this first podcast we discuss 'Authentic Leadership' and dive into what it means for junior leaders, how to apply it and tips to improve yourself as a leader.

By Jason Moriarty


Thespian Officers, Narratives and Planning

Reinforcing the utility of wargames to develop the skill of visualising the enemy, friendly forces and terrain.

By James Davis


Should Army Also Talk about Post Traumatic Growth?

Challenging situations help to develop individuals. Can you also 'grow' following trauma?

By Tim Robinson