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LWP-G 3-9-6: Operations in Urban Environments

This publication lays down the fundamentals, tactics, techniques and procedures for all soldiers conducting operations in urban environments.

By Army Knowledge Centre


Basics of Visualisation

SEALFIT recommends visualisation to reinforce a new skill or increase proficiency. Learn how.

By Michaele Bond

Innovation and Adaptation

Smart Soldier 46

Smart Soldier is the regular Australian Army publication on tactical lessons.

By Army Knowledge Centre


Adventurous Training as Professional Military Education

How can adventurous training enhance the intellectual component of fighting power?

By Emily Chapman


Case Method: the Battle of COP Keating, Afghanistan (9 x FF KIA, 32 x FF WIA, 150 x INS casualties) via JTCOIC

The Cove believes that the lessons of recent ops are key to improving for the future. This is why we push the 'case method' project, where we present real-life combat experiences, and then seek...

By Tom McDermott


5 Harrowing Stories of Hand-to-Hand Combat in Iraq and Afghanistan via Task & Purpose

In this link by Task & Purpose describes the heroic actions of five Marines who, when they were unable to use their service weapon, survived by not backing down in a fight.

By Vicky Osborn

Soldiers' Fives

Communicational Brilliance - Communicating for NCOs

In this article Jason Moriarty looks at some of the issues with our NCO's and communication.

By Jason Moriarty


Emotional Resiliency and Mental Toughness

A handy video from SEALFIT on regulating your emotions and performing under pressure.

By Michaele Bond