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You Spoke, We Listened - What We Learnt From Your Survey Responses

You took the time to give us feedback. Here's what we're going to do about it.

By The Cove

Planning and Liaison

Joint Access and Manoeuvre in the Global Common

Register to attend (via DSN UC) the DJFHQ PME session on 21 Oct 21.

By The Cove


Servant Leaders: Can we survive and thrive in the military?

Servant Leadership is a style that emphasises empathy and investment in subordinates, and this article explains why this style might be particularly well suited to leading Reservists.

By Gabrielle Hendry


Nationalism and Globalisation - Old Fashion Patriotism in The Age of NATO

With the rise of nationalism as a potential threat to our global relationships, it is important for soldiers to understand the importance of these partnerships for Australia and Army.

By Lewis Benbow

Staff Functions

What the Fox Definitely Didn't Say - Avoiding Big Data Falsehoods

The example of an archaeological dig site is used to explain the necessity of multi-disciplinary analysis instead of purely relying on big data analytics.

By Chris Lake


'How Ike Led' and ADF Leadership Principles

Chris Field takes information from the book 'How Ike Led' and links them to the ADF Leadership Principles to elaborate on each through the lens of President Dwight D. Eisenhower's leadership.

By Chris Field

Tactical and Technical

Expansion of the Army Reserve

This article features some big ideas about how the Army Reserve could get ready for conflicts of the future.

By Iain Adams

Staff Skills

Where Steel Meets Flesh

This piece by an Army reservist who is also a civilian surgeon describes how the latter contains lessons for the former.

By Matthew Jones

Staff Skills

How can we make the most of our Part-Time workforce?

This article contains suggestions for how to improve the Army Reserve by helping people better balance their Reserve and civilian commitments.

By Rory McDonald

Operational Art

An Entrenched Culture - Part One: What the Army could learn from the Emergency Services

This article posits that entrenched Army culture holds it back from being as effective as it could be in domestic operations, drawing on examples and lessons from Operation NSW FLOOD ASSIST 2021.

By Kathleen Pisani