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Chief of Army Vidcast: Watch it here

Chief of Army addresses the workforce about the upcoming C2 changes within Army and answers a few of the questions submitted by you.

By The Cove

Staff Skills

Musings of a Fourth Year Career Advisor

Virginia McDougall provides advice to officers, career advisors and chains of command of what she learned while serving as a career advisor.

By Virginia McDougall

Staff Functions

Risk Versus Reward – Understanding why we take risk and how to assess its value

MAJ Jack Goener makes the case that Army needs to better address the role of reward in risk vs reward analysis.

By Jack Goener


JNCO QME: Edition 8 - Reflection

The Cove has a series of tools to help you become a reflective practitioner. Why not try this QME on reflection with your team?

By The Cove

Leadership & Ethics

2021 Cove Competition: Reflections on Learning to Lead

The 2021 Cove Writing Competition has begun and runs through the month of September. We're calling for 500 - 1000 word articles on the topic of 'Reflections on Learning to Lead'.

By The Cove

Staff Functions

The Person with the Spreadsheet

This article discusses how an approach to training that focuses on 'spreadsheet-able' metrics can lead to an ineffective force.

By Sam Baumgarten

Military History

The Cove's Military History Lockdown Quiz - Answers and Winners

How did you go with The Cove's Military History Lockdown Quiz? Check out the questions, answers and links to further information on each of this special events in our military history.

By The Cove

Contemporary Operating Environment

Artillery illuminating ammunition: Tactically useful or a roman candle?

Noting that illuminating artillery rounds are more expensive, is this a capability the Royal Australian Artillery should maintain in the era of advanced night fighting equipment?

By Simon Hunter and Kevin Pamenter


1000 Miles to Light

1000 Miles to Light seeks to provide an opportunity to reconnect and to inspire through endurance running.

By The Cove

PME Resources

Let's Talk About Afghanistan

With the rapid capitulation of Afghanistan’s government to the Taliban-led militant forces some of us who served in Afghanistan may be experiencing a range of emotions. This article, prepared by 1...

By The Cove