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Cove Advocate Group

Drum roll please ... Introducing the 'Cove Advocate Group!' Everything you need to know about being a Cove Advocate.

By The Cove


Taking classroom leadership into command; notes from a junior leader

An officer writes about their experiences in being a new leader on their first command and has some advice for future junior leaders.

By Brett Trevorrow


Enhancement of Army combat techniques through non-ballistic ranges and man marking rounds in high accessibility training systems

This article expands on previous discussions on developing and maintaining Army shooting capability by suggesting the use of alternative training grounds and equipment.

By Dan R

Staff Functions

Reservists aren’t part-timers – Why the TWS fails to generate a Future Ready Workforce

This article argues that reservists are not truly part-time and outlines problems this may cause for Army, along with some suggested solutions and a call for more research into the options.

By James Price

Collective PME

JNCO QME: Edition 6 - Mateship

Where was Australian Army mateship born? Is it still as strong as it was years ago? What does mateship in the Army mean to you?

By The Cove

Military History

The Highest Honour #35 | Bill Newton | Martin O'Meara

Bill Newton was a pilot who on multiple occasions dived through intense anti-aircraft fire to achieve his mission. He was later captured and beheaded by the Japanese. Martin O'Meara was a stretcher...

By The Cove

Innovation and Adaptation

What Going To The Moon Can Teach Us

This article explains how humanity going to the moon again will drive development of technology useful to the Australian Defence Force.

By Edwin Betar

Contemporary Operating Environment

Off Time, Off Target: Addressing the Structure of the RAA (OS) Officer Career Courses

This article, first published in The Royal Australian Artillery Liaison Letter journal, focuses on how officer training may need to evolve to align with current employment demands.

By Benjamin May and Daniel Gillam

Military History

The Highest Honour #34 | Henry Murray | James Newland

This week we look at two Lieutenant Colonels who worked their way up the ranks and along the way earnt the highest honour.

By The Cove

Military History

The Highest Honour #33 | Ron Middleton | Mick Moon

Ron Middleton was the first person from the RAAF to be awarded a VC in WW2 while Mick Moon started his military career as a trumpeter and was awarded a VC while fighting as Infantry.

By The Cove