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#KYR: The Koreas - Diplomacy

This article provides information about the diplomatic relationships of the two Koreas, focusing on the relationships between themselves, the USA, Australia and their neighbours.

By The Cove

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#KYR: The Koreas - The Korean Divide and the Korean War

This article provides links to articles, podcasts, and videos for learning about the division of Korea and the Korean war

By The Cove

Military History

The Highest Honour #40 | William Ruthven | John Ryan

Both William Ruthven and John Ryan were awarded for conspicuous bravery and devotion to duty during World War One.

By The Cove

Military History

The Highest honour #39 | Ben Roberts-Smith | James Rogers

Ben Roberts-Smith, one of only five people to be awarded the Victoria Cross for Australia, while James Rogers earned his VC during the South African war.

By The Cove

Military History

The Highest Honour #38 | Charles Pope | Reg Rattey

Lieutenant Charles Pope received the VC posthumously for his actions on the Western Front at the Battle of Lagnicourt, while Reg Rattey received his VC for gallantry doing so while serving with the...

By The Cove


Introduction to Wargaming

Andrew Somerville from the Royal Military College provides a presentation to introduce wargaming as a valuable learning tool.

By Andrew Somerville

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The Cove's Military History Lockdown Quiz

Looking for a challenge in lockdown? Submit your answers to The Cove's Military History Quiz for your chance to win a Cove merchandise pack.

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Staff Skills

A Staff Officer’s Guide to Surviving (Another) Lockdown

Nathan Pierpoint provides five pointers on how to deal with lockdown while maintaining productivity and sanity.

By Nathan Pierpoint

Planning and Liaison

Australia’s defence and national security: how Defence is enhancing Australia’s cyber resilience

In this article from our friends and partners at the Royal United Services Institute NSW, MAJGEN Coyle provides us some information on how Defence is enhancing Australia’s cyber resilience.

By Major General Susan Coyle, CSC, DSM


Qui Bono? Expected Utility Theory in Training Exercises

This brief article provides a case for using utility theory models to enhance training acitivities.

By Christopher Lake