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Achtung – Boxer! How to employ cavalry in the mid-twenty-first century

By Josh Higgins May 5, 2020

Ever wondered what modern cavalry do? 

Going on an exercise, operation, or course where cavalry forces are on the ORBAT and you don't really know how they function? 

Wondering where cavalry will fit in the future of the Australian Defence Force with several hypothesised futures of competition, conflict, and war?

Josh Higgins' United States Marine Corps Command and Staff College Master's thesis cuts to the chase with a revised definition of the role of cavalry that remains consistent regardless of the future. Demonstrating his point through several fascinating case studies, he subsequently looks to the future, rationalising future tactical and technological pursuits to ensure cavalry continually answer the call for help.

As Josh explains:

This essay is for the layman who thinks cavalry is a horse-mounted solder from antiquity.

This essay is for the cavalryman who has ever struggled to explain his/her job to a colleague.

This essay is for the COAC student who has just drawn a broad set of ‘screen’ lightning bolts and thrown the cavalry forward, with no other task or further consideration.

This essay is for the commander who has had cavalry attached and wondered, “How do I use them?”

Click the link below to access Josh's must-read paper:



Josh Higgins

Josh Higgins is an Armoured Corps Officer. He enjoys the study of tactics, campaigning, and strategy through the lens of past and hypothesised future conflicts. He remains a long-suffering but indefatigable Wallabies fan, a testament to his patience and resolve.  

The views expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the position of the Australian Army, the Department of Defence or the Australian Government.

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