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ADDP 3.11 Civil-Military Operations

By The Cove May 13, 2019

Australian Defence Doctrine Publication 3.1.1 Civil Military Operations (ADDP 3.1.1) is from the joint doctrine 'Operations Series' and describes the nature and scope of Civil-military operations¹ (CMO) as a component of Australian Defence Force Operations.

ADDP 3.1.1 can assist planning staff and liaison officers during planning as it describes the interaction of Australian government agencies and civil actors with the Australian Defence Force. This resource should be read in conjunction with Army's single service doctrine, Land Warfare Doctrine 3-8-6 Civil Military Cooperation.

¹ CMO is defined as 'operations conducted in support of military operations, or in times of emergency, aimed at enhancing the effectiveness of a military force or civil operation and reducing the negative aspects of military operations on civilians'.



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