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AFDP-1-The Air Force Approach to Personnel Capability Support

By The Cove August 21, 2020


The AFDP-1 Air Force Approach to Personnel Capability Support describes how the functions and enablers delivered through Personnel Capability Support (PCS) directly contribute to generating and sustaining the Royal Australian Air Force's (RAAF) combat power. This resource provides Army Personnel Staff an insight into how the RAAF has codified the traditional concept of 'administrative' functions into an effects based 'personnel capability' function.

AFDP-1 defines PCS as 'All personnel and command support functions and activities related to Air Force workforce development, force generation & sustainment, and the management of personnel resources, knowledge and reputation'.

Below is a summary of each chapter:

Chapter 1 - Introduction -Introduces the reader to concepts which form RAAF's PCS. The chapter defines the terms 'administration', Air Force 'Personnel Capability Support' and the 'PCS Pillars'.

Chapter 2 - Air Force Personnel Capability Support -  Discusses the human dimension of fighting power which is made up of the physical, intellectual and moral. The physical component entails the elements of personnel, equipment, collective performance, readiness and sustainability. The intellectual component comprises knowledge, communication and thinking skills. The moral component is concerned with the character and the will to fight.

Chapter 3 - The Pillars of Personnel Capability Support. Representing the five functions of PCS - Workforce Development and Review, Personnel Operations, Communication Effects, Personnel Management and Resource, and Knowledge Management.

Chapter 4 - Generating Air Power: Personnel Capability Support Enablers. Discusses the relationship between the RAAF PCS and the enabling airpower roles - Command and Control, Force Protection, Force Generation and Sustainment.

Chapter 5 - Conclusion. Highlights how the RAAF's PCS is vital to Air Force's ability to deliver air power. Its primary output is to provide the right people with the correct skills at appropriate readiness.      



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