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Army Knowledge Centre Update: August 2019

By Army Knowledge Centre August 22, 2019

Smart Soldier 57

This 57th edition of Smart Soldier is the third for 2019. It is packed with interesting articles and we are confident that you will find something useful. The following is a list of what this issue contains:

  • Night without batteries
  • Kapooka – be a better Recruit Instructor
  • Leadership – an unlimited liability
  • Developing Army leadership into the future
  • Army in Motion
  • Post Activity Reports and Army learning
  • Q&A: CPL Hurley from 1 CSSB
  • Doctrine update
  • QDE – Deploy to a Distribution Point
Knowledge4Army Issue 5

Welcome to the Knowledge 4 Army e-Newsletter (K4A).

The aim of K4A is to provide links to the latest Australian and coalition lessons, doctrine, simulation and digital learning products as well as short extracts of the latest news in these areas. It also lists useful  resources, such as Internet blogs, twitter feeds and book recommendations to assist with professional military education. Army Lessons will disseminate K4A to all Defence members with further newsletters produced when there is sufficient information to do so. K4A will be uploaded to Army Knowledge Online (DPN only) , ForceNet and here on The Cove.

This edition of K4A will provide information on:

  • Latest news
  • New publications
  • Smart Soldier 57
  • Land Doctrine updates
  • Army Lessons updates
  • From the blogs
  • Army insights and observations



Insights from Regimental Sergeant Majors

Army Lessons (AL) asked serving Regimental Sergeant Majors (RSM) to review the previous edition of the Insights from Regimental Sergeant Majors handbook. This has resulted in an updated handbook that provides tips for newly appointed RSMs and for soldiers who aspire to be RSMs in the future.

Being an RSM is a demanding and sometimes a lonely job, but you will derive a great deal of personal and professional satisfaction from it. You will be a key member of the command team and you will have a special and unique place within your unit.

This booklet is broken up into four chronological parts: preparation for your posting, the first 100 days, life as an RSM, and final thoughts. You will notice that common themes flow throughout such as the importance of setting and maintaining strong routines and high standards, establishing and maintaining strong working relationships with the Commanding Officer and other key personnel, looking after soldiers, and being accountable.

If you would like to contribute your observations and tips for the next edition, please write to AL at Army.Lessons [at]



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