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Army Reserve Officer Cadet IMAP and TEWT Revision

By Aaron P. Jackson May 13, 2019

A new Forcenet page has been created to assist Army Reserve (ARes) Officer Cadets to revise the Individual Military Appreciation Process (IMAP) and to further develop their knowledge of how to effectively conduct tactical exercises without troops (TEWTs). The site has been designed to primarily assist officer cadets that have finished Training Block (TB) 4, to prepare them for attendance at TB 5. This is achieved by enabling Officer Cadets to revise the IMAP and TEWT-related information taught on TB 4, and then to expand on that information through the conduct of self-paced learning.

Accordingly, materials included on the Forcenet page include:

  • revision lectures for each step of the IMAP, based on those in the TB 4 curriculum
  • platoon level map exercises and quick decision exercises (QDEs) that can be used by Officer Cadets to conduct self-paced IMAP revision
  • IMAP handouts, workbooks and other related documents
  • links to Internet and Intranet sites that contain additional map exercises, QDEs and other IMAP-related readings and supporting materials.

A Forcenet login is required to access this page, which is available at: The page can also be found by searching Forcenet for “ARes Officer Cadet IMAP and TEWT Revision”.



Aaron P. Jackson

Major Aaron P. Jackson, PhD, has served in the Australian Army Reserve since 2002. He has held a range of command, staff and instructional appointments, and is currently Officer Commanding, B Company, 10/27 RSAR. In his civilian career he is a Department of Defence public servant, where he is currently appointed Senior Researcher, Joint Planning and Design, in Defence Science and Technology Group. His research focus is on operational art, joint planning, military design thinking, military organisational culture, and international relations. He is extensively published in these fields and he recently held a second civilian appointment as the Academic Year 2018-19 Distinguished Visiting Professor at Canadian Forces College in Toronto, Canada. He has deployed as an Army officer to Timor Leste and on Australian border security operations, and as a Defence Civilian to the Middle East.

The views expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the position of the Australian Army, the Department of Defence or the Australian Government.

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