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Brilliant at the Basics with Don Spinks

By The Cove May 16, 2019


The Cove is delighted to present the recording of our second #CoveTalk ‘Brilliant at the Basics’ with Warrant Officer Don Spinks, Regimental Sergeant Major - Army. 

The aim, as ever, is to help Army evolve its intellectual edge through giving serving soldiers and officers access to top-quality material.  We also hope to provide an opportunity to facilitate unit PME and foster mess culture by hosting guest speakers at no cost to members across Army. 

For Australian Army members who missed out on the opportunity to ask their question during the live feed, RSM-A is happy to take your questions during unit visits, or alternatively leave your questions on the Cove website.


About the Presenter: Warrant Officer Spinks enlisted in the Australian Regular Army in January 1979 and was allocate to the Royal Australian Armoured Corps.  He has served in a wide range of trade, instruction and regimental positions across Australia, and has held notable appointments such as Drill Wing Sergeant Major at Duntroon, instructor of the Command Sergeant Major Course in the United States, RSM 2 Cav, RSM 1 Bde, RSM JTF633 and RSM FORCOMD. He has deployed to multiple theatres all over the world, and has been awarded the US Meritorious Service Medal and the Medal for the Order of Australia.



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