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Brisbane Cove Conference 2021 - User Survey

By The Cove April 28, 2021

Thank you for attending the Brisbane Cove Conference. We hope you enjoyed the presentations and the time to reflect and discuss what you learnt and how you can use in your workplace. It takes a deliberate action to ensure this information is not just left as notes in your notebook and that you remind yourself regularly to refer back to this information so it can be used to effect later. 

We are conducting more of these conferences in the future, therefore would appreciate your feedback on what was good and what we can improve upon to enhance the experience for future attendees. 

How you can do this is by simply leaving a comment below this article. We have provided some questions that may guide your comment, but feel free to include whatever information you feel will be helpful to The Cove Team to make the next Cove Conferences even better. 

Please note your comments will not be published live on the site. They are sent to the 'backend' of our system where we will collate them for review. The comments can be completely anonymous and no reference will be linked to your identity if you so choose. 

Some points you might like to include on your comment can be:

  1. Which were the presentations you learnt the most from and why?
  2. Which presentations were not as valuable to you and why? 
  3. Were the facilities suitable?
  4. Was the time allocated to small group discussions valuable? Was the time allocated for this appropriate?
  5. Are you more inclined to engage with Cove content in the future? 
  6. Any other comments.

Thank you again for your attendance and participation. 



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