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Call for Articles - Understanding Yourself and Others as a Leader

By The Cove March 17, 2021

In 2021, we’re delivering content in concentrated themes throughout the year to align with Army's Professional Learning Clusters and broader Army activities. These themes allow for a breadth and depth of perspectives on a single topic to be presented at once. Ultimately, this may lead to better connection and appreciation of shared ideas and space for dialogue on a single theme. Right now we're calling for articles on our first theme which will link to The Chief of Army’s Symposium being held in Brisbane on 17-18 April and the 7 Brigade Cove Conference in late April.

                                        Theme 1: 2021 -  Understanding yourself and others as a leader.

                                                             We’re calling for submissions now!

If you have something to say about how Army approaches or appreciates leadership, this is your time to share. If you’re not quite sure where to start… perhaps some buzz words may get your creative flare going:

leadership ... reflection ... self-awareness ... emotional intelligence ... affect of perception and emotion on judgement and decision making ... team effectiveness ... power dynamics ... organisational behaviour.

Perhaps even a story about your own experience of when you did, or did not understand yourself or others as a leader. This article by Chris Thorburn is a great example.

Publication of the best content will occur between 17 April – 07 May and used as pre-reading and discussion in the 7 Brigade Cove Conference (with your approval, of course).

                                                                   Submissions close on 10 April!

If writing is not your thing - don’t be discouraged! We’re accepting multimedia submissions in the form of short podcasts (2-7 minutes) or videos (2-8 minutes).Your observations and experiences are as valid as a fancy tertiary piece of paper. So share what you know, think and feel. What we appreciate is your level of analysis and critique on your chosen idea. Not sure you can do it alone? Grab a buddy or respected colleague and submit a collective piece.

Submit via: 'Make a submission' on The Cove homepage, or contact us soldiercove [at]

Still not convinced you can come up with something so fast? Here are our future themes and dates to give you some thinking space:

May – Future Warfare Technologies

August – Reflections by Senior Soldiers for Junior Soldiers

October – Contemporary Tactical Lessons From Significant Australian Battles

Ongoing- Future Ready Workforce.

If you're still not persuaded to make a submission, consider exploring the COVE+ unit in line with the current theme. Perhaps 'Different perspectives in Leadership',  'Military ethics'  or ' Cultures to Cultures '.  Login to ADELE(U) to get going.

We're excited to create a space where you can value add to your own, and others, Professional Military Education. You will never really know what impact your thoughts may have on someone else, unless your willing to share them. We encourage you in 2021 to use The Cove as the platform to increase the reach for sharing what you know.  



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