Chapter 4 of 4: LWD 1 The Fundamentals of Land Power

By Kelly Dunne November 29, 2017

Welcome to the first Cove Audio Book in the Doctrine Series, featuring LWD 1: The Fundamentals of Land Power (2017). Click on the file below to access chapter 4 of 4: Generating Land Power. This chapter covers:

  • Fighting power
  • Professional mastery
  • Army capability management
  • Preparedness
  • Modernisation

LWD 1 provides the Australian Army with the philosophical guidance for succeeding in our mission, and represents the Army's strategic thinking about land power.  The Australian Army's land forces must have a strategic and expeditionary mindset.  They need to be strategically relevant, tactically agile, protected, networked, trained and educated to manoeuvre in the contemporary and future environment.

A solid grounding in the Army's philosophical doctrine is essential to success for land forces. Previously, many of the doctrine publications consisted of weighty texts that were designed more as reference tools rather than a resource that is meant to be read cover to cover like a novel.  By bringing LWD 1 to you in audio book form, it is hoped that the Army audience will prioritise absorbing its content and start thinking about the profession of arms.

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Kelly Dunne

Kelly Dunne was an editor at The Cove.

The views expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the position of the Australian Army, the Department of Defence or the Australian Government.

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