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Chief of Army History Conference

By Kelly Dunne May 16, 2019

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The 2017 Chief of Army History Conference will be held on Thursday 19 and Friday 20 October 2017 at the National Convention Centre, Canberra. The theme for this year's conference is: The Skill of Adaptability - the Learning Curve in Contact. The conference will discuss, through historical examples, how armies learn while in contact with the enemy.  The event is being organised by the Australian Army History Unit.

Were there inter-theatre lessons and learning transferable between Gallipoli and the Western Front?  How did the Australian Army adapt to both regular and irregular forces in South Vietnam? How did the same Army adapt to a major expeditionary deployment in East Timor after two decades of continental defence?   If you have pondered any of these issues, then this conference is one you cannot afford to miss. Discounts are available for serving members, so make sure you fill out the registration form available here. Presentations will cover a wide chronological period and a number of different countries in order to bring to light different ways armies have responded to the changing nature of war. The Conference Program can be viewed here, and speaker biographies are also available here for those interested in attending.  

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The Chief of Army, Lieutenant General Angus Campbell, DSC, AM sees this conference directly supporting his line of effort in building professional mastery through the critical study of military history. He particularly encourages those engaged in education, training and capability development to attend, as they will benefit holistically from the papers presented.   Contacts for 2017 CA History Conference queries: Call: (02) 6266 4248 Email: ahu.enquiries [at]    



Kelly Dunne

Kelly Dunne was an editor at The Cove.

The views expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the position of the Australian Army, the Department of Defence or the Australian Government.

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