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Combat Command Wing: COAC Update and Resources

By School of Armour April 23, 2020

The Combat Command Wing (CCW) instructor team is designing a remotely delivered solution for the Combat Officers Advanced Course (COAC) focusing on Module One (Foundation Knowledge for the Conduct of Combat Operations in a Combined Arms Environment) and Module Two (Combat Team and Battle Group Operations in the Combined Arms Environment). The intent is to enable remote learning that is facilitated by a CCW as an alternative to the current residential training. Officers who conduct these export components will then complete Module Three (Combat Operations in the Combined Arms Environment) over a three week period at Puckapunyal. During this period, student officers will also complete Summative Assessment TEWTs for Combat Team and Battle Group combined arms operations. The start date of the export course has not yet been determined, however the export resources (on ADELE) will be available from Q3 2020. Formations and units will be advised of the course dates when known.

In the meantime CCW can provide useful resources to support continuation training for combined arms operations. The CCW instructor team will have Module One and Module Two export resources available from June with units and formations able to access lesson plans, teaching aids and resources to support their own training when they become available. These will be placed on ADELE(U) and units can request access from CCW instructors (corps specific) who will provide them with an access key. CCW is also developing methods of conducting TEWTs remotely using BMS-TEWT and other simulation systems available to the Army.

The COAC Pre-Course study can be found in ADELE(U) on this link and access can be requested. Alternatively you can email the CCW SI who can send an electronic key to access the course.

Those units who wish to discuss this further can contact the School of Armour.



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