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Combat Health in the Australian Army Reading List

By Wayne Bullock May 13, 2019


During our recent travels around Australia, the Cove team (@covetweet) have regularly been approached by units, individuals and corps representatives who are passionate about Professional Military Education. The view is that too often we default to our comfortable 'stove pipes' within trades/corps, and we forget that the training and learning we conduct is relevant across a broad range of areas. Often others would benefit from sharing that experience.

One trailblazing area at the moment is Combat Health. Planning for and managing health assets is a unique area which requires specialist training and experience. But it also needs to be understood broadly across logistics and combat arms corps in order to improve the employment of combat health assists and the quality of health planning.

David Bullock is an experienced Army officer and health professional. He offers his reading list to provide a comprehensive set of books, articles and blogs that can help everyone from the health novice to the experienced health planner.

Why not challenge yourself to read something that may be outside your comfort zone or primary interest area, but will contribute meaningfully to your PME? Who knows, your new skills and knowledge may even contribute to saving a life, or preventing unnecessary illness and injury on your next exercise or deployment.



Wayne Bullock

David Bullock is an experienced officer in the Royal Australian Army Medical Corps. He has 30+ years worth of experience serving in a variety of different corps and non-corps postings throughout his career, in both the Australian and British Army.

The views expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the position of the Australian Army, the Department of Defence or the Australian Government.

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