Cove Challenge: 'Junior Commander Memoirs'

By The Cove November 18, 2021

Attention: 2021 first year Junior Commanders (Corporals and Platoon Commanders)

As the end of 2021 draws very quickly to an end, for some of you so does the first year of your command, be it at section or platoon level. Do you remember back late last year when you were conducting your HOTO? What was running through your head? Had RMC, ROBC or Sub 1 CPL prepared you to lead a group of soldiers potentially onto the battlefield? Were you prepared to deal with soldier issues, manning shortfalls and equipment breakdowns? Did you balance your extra-regimental appointments, extra tasking and personal time well? 

You have now been in the job for 10 months. What do you wish you knew last year when conducting your HOTO and taking up command? 

Now is your chance to submit an article to The Cove to assist future Junior Commanders as they start taking over later this year. You don't have to tell us everything, perhaps just concentrate on one or two issues. Some ideas are listed below:

  • If you had manning shortfalls, how did you deal with it?
  • Troubled soldiers including court appearances, drugs, discipline law.
  • MEC downgrades - did you still actively employ these members? 
  • Extra-Regimental appointments / extra tasking from your OC and ADJT
  • Your relationship with your Platoon / Troop Sergeant - Good and bad
  • Your relationship with your JNCOs - Good and bad
  • Your relationship with your soldiers - Good and bad
  • Your relationship with the CSM/RSM
  • Equipment failure
  • Mentoring
  • What PME initiatives did you introduce to better your team?

The above are just a few ideas to get you going, but anything that you experienced that you think will benefit the next generation of first time Junior Commanders will be helpful. It doesn't have to be a novel, in fact, less than 1,000 words will likely attract more readers.  

Use the 'Make a submission' tab on The Cove website to share your lessons and help others. Entries close on 08 Dec 21 so that we can publish a collation of submissions before the end of the year so that your thoughts can be considered before the next cohort take up their positions. 

Please ensure you read submission guidelines and ensure you have a full understanding of these prior to submission.




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