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Cove Interview | RSM 2nd Division, WO1 Darren Murch OAM

By Darren Murch OAM March 26, 2020


Leadership is the central issue that inspires and motivates soldiers to commit themselves to a purpose that is greater than themselves. Recently, the Australian Army, and in particular members of the 2nd Division, demonstrated impressive leadership and delivered capability to support Australians in their time of need during Operation Bushfire Assist. Officers, Non-commissioned Officers and Warrant Officers displayed great skill and empathy that they adapted from the lessons and experience gained during their military careers.

Since then, the environment has changed significantly as COVID19 grips our thoughts. Again, I am impressed with the anticipation, clarity of thought and sincere consideration leaders within the 2nd Division are giving to the problems that confront them. As leaders, we often talk about change and the importance of innovation and diversity. The 2nd Division continues to think outside of the box as obstacles present themselves. As part of this process, communications amongst peers and up and down the chain of command is crucial. Everyone has a view that is worth listening to and our people should be encouraged to speak. Solutions are best when they come from the sum of all the parts, which directly contributes to our Accelerated Warfare mindset.




Darren Murch OAM

Darren Murch has served in a variety of infantry battalions from Private soldier through to Regimental Sergeant Major (RSM). He has been an Army instructor at all ranks during his career and was the RSM of the School of Infantry. Additionally, he has been posted to the United States Army Sergeants’ Major Academy, served as the RSM of 16th Aviation Brigade and is currently the RSM of the 2nd Division. Darren has a Bachelor of Organisational Leadership and has commenced a Master of Strategic People Management.

The views expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the position of the Australian Army, the Department of Defence or the Australian Government.


I really like this format of Cove talk. It is a great way to get the perspective of experienced individuals like WO1 Murch. I'd like to see this type of interview format with a wide variety of individuals from all across Army.

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