Cove Trivia 2

By The Cove March 11, 2021

Welcome to The Cove website.  

The Cove is an online professional development network for the Australian Army hosted on the World Wide Web, thereby allowing access to Professional Military Education anywhere, anytime. It provides quality resources through its daily publishing of digital content and acts as a platform for the contest of ideas and promoting ground-up innovation. The Cove is designed to connect Defence members together into a professional network, based on their professional interests and/or level of experience. We act as a medium for the sharing of experience and expertise through a variety of videos, podcasts, blogs, resources/tools and academic papers to engage all sorts of learning styles. Some of our content is guided, but most of it is designed to be self-accessed and shared.

The Cove is based on the theory of ‘Connectivism’. Often referred to as a 'learning theory for the digital age', connectivism recognises the importance of developing communities of practise to share expertise and enhance continuous learning.

Please click on the question below that relates to the question on your coaster.

1.  What is Blended Learning?


2.  Do you know the correct procedure to raise and lower the ANF?


3.  How many Australian Troops withdrew from Gallipoli in December 1915?


4.  Do you know how to correctly pack your pack?


5.  How do you measure resilience?



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