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Does Diversity Dilute the Warrior Ethos?

By The Cove February 13, 2019

'The majority of the British Army’s Infantry, Cavalry and Artillery Regiments represent a proud tradition of homogenous, almost tribal service. Men recruited from the same demographic groups in the same region had much in common and could easily be brought together in their homogeneity...  It is easy to see how those of us who have grown up in this world can see diversity as a threat; without the shared experience before recruitment, how could we be expected to build teams that close?'

In this article, winner of the The Wavell Room's 2018 writing competition, Major Ant Sharman argues that diversity is not responsible for diluting the warrior ethos. Rather, it is the false perception that diversity somehow means becoming softer and less tough that is creating a barrier to integration and the development of a truly inclusive culture.

He believes the warrior ethos of the past has always evolved to fit the changing character of conflict. We simply cannot afford not to employ every individual with the talent, character and ambition to become an effective warrior in today’s army.




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