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'Forging Australian Land Power: A Primer'

By The Cove May 14, 2019

This paper by Dr Albert Palazzo is a primer with the single objective of assisting 'those tasked with thinking about the past and present to shape an Australian Army that is more capable into the future'. The paper is written objectively and educates the reader in a way that gives the knowledge to enable them to reflect on Australia's security and how we can improve.

The Primer is divided into three parts:

Part I: The utility of land power. Dr Palazzo discusses the types of tasks armies are required to perform, expressing them into three broad functions - Compelling, Influencing and Aiding. He suggests that the ADF needs appropriate force structures to achieve these tasks, and that ground forces meet this need.

Part II: The historical pattern of Australian defence policy. Dr Palazzo identifies that Australia's military policy has been shaped by two factors - looking inward or outward and a reliance on a power protector. Examining Australia's historical pattern of defence policy provides context to where we are today.

Part III: Guide for the future. Dr Palazzo presents seven 'truths' that the ADF must 'institutionalise to become better at preparing and developing a response to emerging threats'.

This primer is a 'must read' for members of the Australian Defence Force, the wider Defence community and any Defence stakeholder.  



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