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HQ FORCOMD PME Session | Selecting book one of the Forces Command PME Program 2020-21

By The Cove November 8, 2019

In line with the Commander Forces Command's guidance on the Forces Command PME Program 2020-21, HQ FORCOMD held a PME session to select their nomination for the list of 14 books which will form the backbone of the program. 

It was captured as an example of how units can conduct PME activities without incurring a significant resource bill.


The challenge went out to all Branches of HQ FORCOMD to pitch a book that they thought was worthy of making it onto the Forces Command PME Program 2020-21. 

The session was run as a 'Open Mic' afternoon where presenters had 4 minutes to pitch their book to a panel. Not only did this allow members of the Headquarters pitch their books, but it also allowed them to practice brevity and clarity in their oral briefing skills. At the conclusion of the session the panel deliberated and gave their preferences, before providing their top three books to the Commander.

DG TRADOC also used this occasion to present a Cove Coin to LTCOL Brendan Robinson, for his article Slow down! Some analysis and recommendations on improving G Wagon driver safety in Army, which was the best performing article the week it was released. 

The Commander has now made his selection from the panel recommendations and has selected the first book of the Forces Command PME Program 2020-21, which is:

  • Fighting by Minutes by Robert R. Leonard, proposed by MAJ Van Der Griend from the Aviation Branch.


Each Training Centre and Formation has until the end of November to get their selection in to soldiercove [at]



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