ICYMI-How do we win the next war?

By The Cove April 19, 2021

Cove Note: This video was first released on 01 July 2020. With the then President of the United States announcing that Islamic State had been territorially defeated in Iraq and Syria, the previous SO1 of The Cove, LTCOL Greg Colton, gave this Cove Talk in which he asked:

How does Australia win the next war?

In lieu of assured technological superiority or mass, it is argued through developing the Army's intellectual capacity - and thus the ability to create relative mass in time and space to achieve an effect against an adversary - is the answer. This video explains, quite pertinently, why investing time in education is so important to enhancing our intellectual edge and gaining an advantage over our adversary.

Since then and together with tertiary institutions, Cove+ Army’s Professional Development Program has been created. Available to all Army's people, regardless of rank or corps, Cove+ is a pathway for intellectual and professional development. See here for a full details. The Cove team are still open to comments and feedback regarding new units to develop for Cove+. Doing so will help us shape the future of your Army, and might just help the Army win the next war. Recommendations can be sent to soldiercove [at] gmail.com.

Please note that this video can only be viewed outside the DPN.




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