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Intelligence Preparation of the Battlespace

By The Cove May 15, 2019


When planning in a staff environment, you may find yourself responsible for, or assisting with, analysis of the battlespace or the enemy and subsequently providing inputs into the 'Intelligence Preparation of the Battlespace' (IPB). This could occur at any time during planning, as the IPB is an on-going process and must be kept updated as new information is provided.

Whilst predominately a responsibility of the Intelligence Branch, it is important that all staff have a detailed understanding of the outputs to enable their further planning. For example, understanding the battlespace will aide in developing a concept of logistics support, or designing communications architecture.

This video, produced by ALPC, provides an explanation of the 'Intelligence Preparation of the Battlespace' (IPB) which is one of the five steps of the Military Appreciation Process (MAP). In addition, it discusses the four steps of the IPB:

  1. Define the battle space environment
  2. Describe the battle space effects
  3. Evaluate the enemy
  4. Determine enemy courses of action




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