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Link - High Morale: Lessons from D-Day to the House of Lords via The Army Leader

By The Cove November 2, 2021

"Ultimately, battles, particularly those conducted under hazardous conditions and in the face of a numerically superior enemy, turn on the fighting spirit of the soldier. High morale and determination to win can only be developed by hard, tough, purposeful training and with the aid of good leadership...This is our main responsibility in peace time."

The main lessons From Operations in Normandy

Field Marshall Edwin Bramall took part in the Normandy landings as a platoon commander, winning the Military Cross in March 1945. He retired as the Chief of the Defence Staff (Great Britain) in 1985. Last year he published his collected papers and speeches in a book sub-titled Reflections on War and Peace. Throughout his book one of the lessons he repeatedly draws on is the importance of a single factor in success in peace or war - what he calls 'high morale'. In the article 'High Morale: Lessons from D-Day to the House of Lords', The Army Leader offers seven pieces of advice from Bramall's book that can be used to achieve high morale in your team. What could you be doing to follow his advice and build high morale in your team?



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