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By The Cove July 14, 2021

One of The Cove's Friends and Partners, UK leadership website The Army Leaderhave posted an article by David Griffiths called 'Learning to Lead - The Hard Way'.

This is an honest and frank account from a JNCO, admitting that he has found out how to lead 'the hard way'. Whilst learning through experience is necessary, there is benefit from learning from others experience. An authentic article worth reading.  

Although the article is written from the UK Army perspective, all of the information and advice may be applicable to our Army.




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This article is important for commanders and leaders at all levels, irrespective of who the author is. Reflection is one of most vital tools in the leaders toolbox. Understanding what went wrong/could have been improved better prepares us for future decisions and increases the likelihood that better ones are made. Furthermore, improving oneself, professionally and personally, should be a lifelong journey. We owe it to ourselves, those we work with and those we work for.

Further to my last, the coves reflective journal app is a good way to record and maintain our daily thoughts.

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