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Link | Lord Horatio Nelson and Mission Command | The Principles of War Podcast

By The Cove July 2, 2020

The Principles of War Podcast is designed to educate Officers and Senior NCOs about doctrine through the lens of historic battles and the Principles of War. They also endeavour to prepare leaders to perform better in the Post H-Hour execution phase by studying leaders and how they have reacted to the situations they have faced.

'I think that it is one of our enduring essential tasks, to better understand Mission Command.' James Eling, from Episode 51: Lord Horatio Nelson and Mission Command.

In his latest series, James Eling is looking at Mission Command and Lord Horatio Nelson. This first podcast looks more at Lord Nelson's upbringing and development as a leader rather than specific discussion about his use of mission command with his band of brothers which proved most effective in his later naval battles. The Cove Team assessed that this introduction to the series is more relevant to the concepts of 'intelligent disobedience' as discussed in a previously published Cove article. Do you agree?

Please note this podcast is not able to be played on the DPN. 

Listening time: 23 min, 44 secs




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