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Link | So You’re Going to be a Staff Officer: Five Pieces of Advice for Success and Personal Satisfaction

By The Cove January 30, 2020
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So you've posted in as a staff officer and you're keen to hit the ground running. In this recent article in The Modern War Institute, Brandon Morgan explains how your time as a staff officer can be uniquely rewarding and fundamental to your development as an Army officer. His advice to anyone with the prospects of assuming a new position within a unit staff is that "bringing daily positive energy, vitality, and commitment to the task at hand will yield both deep personal and professional satisfaction, even during the longest days and nights behind the desk and at the keyboard."

Brandon offers five recommendations based on his experience:

  1. Read and Absorb your Doctrine
  2. Prepare for Decisive Action
  3. Be a Leader and a Team Player
  4. Continuously Evaluate and Improve
  5. Give Back

Although his advice is based on his US Army perspective, you can use the following Australian Army sources to contextualise these recommendations:

Read and Absorb your Doctrine - Brandon links to the US Army Publishing Directorate. The Australian Army's unclassified doctrine can be found here.

Prepare for Decisive Action - Brandon uses the Military Decision-Making Process (MDMP) to prepare for decisive action. The Australian Army's Military Appreciation Process (MAP) doctrine can be found here (Only available on the DPN).

Be a Leader and a Team Player - The Centre for Australian Army Leadership is currently reviewing our leadership doctrine, but there is some great material available from the 2019 Army Leadership Seminar.



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