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Link | What is PME Anyway? | The Wavell Room

By The Cove September 8, 2020

Over the past few weeks The Cove have been posting links to other websites that have been about Professional Military Education (PME) and the direction it is taking in other countries. This week's link to the Wavell Room is another following that same theme.

The link today is to an article written by Dr Michael D. Clark asks the question 'What is PME anyway?'

Here at The Cove, we hear a lot of talk about what PME is and what it isn't. One of the more common things we hear is 'My (insert any Boss) made me write a paper about  (insert  almost any topic you can think of). That is not PME!' 

Well, we would agree that may not be PME, we don't really know without context; however, the result of those writings sometimes end up on The Cove as an article and thus joins the contest of ideas. One could argue that getting your point of view into the public domain for others to see and make comment on is PME.

If you have been following the links about PME over the past few weeks and have an opinion about what PME  is or isn't, please write (or record) something and submit it to us here at the Cove.



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