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By The Cove June 23, 2020

Today's article, What is the Role of the Reserve Forces?, is an in-depth and very informative read from Sir Humphrey posted on Thin Pinstriped Line. In it, Sir Humphrey gives a British point of view on modernising the reserves. 

The part-time force is a critical component of the Australian Army and just as in need of modernisation as its full-time counterparts if it is to be future ready. The Cove is committed to furthering the debate on modernising the total-force through promoting a true contest of ideas on the subject. On 07 May 20, we posted Stranded Capability? The value of the Army Reserve Asset in 2020: today's article asks many of the same questions, however, from the perspective of the UK Armed Forces.

Are you a part-time member of the Australian Army? Do you have a view on how we can modernise the part-time force? Have you seen areas in which the Regular Army can improve its integration of part-time elements? We would love to hear from you and encourage members to send us articles using the submission button at the top of the page. Our editorial team are looking forward to working with you to get your contribution published. 



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