LWD 1: The Fundamentals of Land Power

By Army Knowledge Centre May 26, 2020


LWD 1 is Army's capstone doctrine.  It can be found on ForceNet by clicking the following link. You can set up a ForceNet account in a few quick and easy steps if you don't already have one. 

The 2017 edition of Land Warfare Doctrine 1, The Fundamentals of Land Power provides the Australian Army with the philosophical guidance for succeeding in our mission and thriving in the chaos of the 21st century. It draws on the feats of our predecessors, but it is also unambiguously forward-looking.

This publication represents the Australian Army’s strategic thinking about land power. It provides relevant doctrine for the conduct of land operations in partnership with the Navy and Air Force, other government agencies, friends and allies. The Army’s land forces must have a strategic and expeditionary mindset. They need to be strategically relevant, tactically agile, protected, networked, trained and educated to manoeuvre in the contemporary (and future) environment.

Above all else, the Army must possess the superior leadership and adaptation skills that are best guarantors of success in war.

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Hi. Your hyperlink to LWD 1 is broken. When I click on it, it displays a 404 error. Regards, Derek Parks

G'day Derek, thanks for raising this to our attention. It would seem that the Army website has moved the page. We will investigate and get back to you. Thanks again. The Cove Team

Hi Derek, Thanks for bringing this to our attention. The link has been updated and is available for your use. Happy reading.

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