LWD 7-0: Training and Education

By Army Knowledge Centre February 13, 2019


LWD 7-0 is the Australian Army's doctrine on Training and Education. It can be found at the following link.

Warfare is an inherently human endeavour. As such, the primary platform that Army needs to succeed in warfare is the human – our soldiers and officers. In order to maximise the capability effect of this human platform, Army develops high-quality military professionals who can meet its mission, now and into the future, regardless of operational environment or context.

This process is professional development: the pursuit of professional mastery through training, education and experience. While these three elements are integrated and complementary, each element makes a distinct contribution to the development of military professionals.Training, both individual and collective, provides the necessary suite of honed military skills, from an accurate battle shot through to conducting complex warfighting activities in a joint, combined and interagency task force. Education provides the intellectual, conceptual and ethical foundations to apply trained skills, and to successfully adapt them to a variety of operating environments. Experience provides the opportunity to apply, practise and refine skills and knowledge, and adapt them for future application. Together, training, education and experience work to develop soldiers and officers who can contribute effectively to Army’s capability.

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