LWP-G 7-5-5: Training Adversary (Interim)

By Army Knowledge Centre February 13, 2019


LWP-G 7-5-5 Training Adversary has been released via Army Knowledge Online, Doctrine Online, ForceNet and The Cove. This publication combines LWP-G 7-5-1 Musorian Armed Forces – Organisations and Equipment, LWP-G 7-5-2 Musorian Armed Forces – Land Operations, Tactics, Techniques and Procedures and LWD 7-5-3 Non-military Forces and Organisations - Operational Models into a single publication.

LWP-G 7-5-5 Training Adversary introduces the concept of Equipment Tiers, a feature of the new Decisive Action Training Environment (DATE). The ORBATs and adversary equipment featured in this publication have been significantly upgraded from earlier Musorian doctrine as the result of input from the Weapons and Technical Intelligence section of the Defence Intelligence Organisation.

Implementation of DATE as the Land Adversary for all Army individual and collective training will see the replacement of LWP-G 7-5-5 Training Adversary in the near future. As such, this publication is released as interim doctrine.

LWP-G 7-5-5 aims to provide a notional training adversary capable of undertaking conventional and unconventional operations. Consequently the training adversary, the Musorian Armed Forces, is capable of operating across the full spectrum of conflict, up to and including high-intensity conventional operations.

Land Doctrine welcomes any feedback/contributions. Comments regarding LWP-G 7-5-5 can be made via the Cove or by contacting the leslie.dmonte1 [at] (Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance and Information Operations Doctrine Team) (via the DPN)



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