LWP-G 7-6-2: Adventurous Training – Roping

By The Cove February 11, 2019

Click the image to access LWP-G 7-6-2


LWP-G 7-6-2 is the Australian Army's doctrine on Adventurous Training – Roping. It can be found by clicking the image above, or at the following link. The aim of this publication is to present the techniques, procedures and technical information for use by any unit adventurous training leader in the performance of Defence adventurous training activities related to roping, canyoning, caving and climbing. Contact: michael.hahn [at] (Command and Control, Aviation and All Corps Doctrine Team)

Discussion Point: Land Doctrine welcomes any feedback/contributions. Comments regarding LWP-G 7-6-2 can be made in the 'comments' section at the bottom of the page.



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