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By The Cove May 15, 2019


As Cove contributor Richard Simson wrote in January 2017 listening to podcasts can be an essential supplement to our professional development. It's our great pleasure at the #BreakIn to recommend seven military history themed podcasts.  Here they are:  

  • History of World War II.   Military historian Ray Harris’ podcasts charting the major battles, personalities and politics of WWII in deep and intimate detail. There are already more than 190 episodes in the catalogue examining the mistakes and masterstrokes of the conflict.
  • New books in Military History.  There are more books on military history than the average person can appreciate, so it can be very overwhelming when you’re looking for a place to start. These podcasts features some of the best options, as well as latest titles to consider adding to your collection.
  • Ancient Warfare History.  This podcast focusses on the great campaigns of legendary leaders, the lives of ancient soldiers and mercenaries, and the examination of weaponry, tactics and communication methods in ancient history.
  • Voices of the First World War.  A 50-part series from the Imperial War Museum in 2014 to mark the centenary of the outbreak.  It captures perspectives from soldiers and civilians who experienced it at the time.
  • American Military History.  These podcasts charts everything from the Revolutionary War, and the Civil War, through to modern conflicts in the Middle East.  It offers more than 40 episodes on American military history, most under 30 minutes in length.
  • Hardcore History.  A range of historical events are considered. Of particular interest is the 'Blueprint for Armegeddon' series, which gives a knowledgeable perspective on World War I and in depth (3-4 hour) discussions of various aspects of the war.
  • The Spear.  A series of podcasts via Modern War Institute.  These predominately have a more modern focus on a variety of warfare and professional military education topics.

  Have a look at each of the podcast sites and determine which one best suits your needs.  Consider downloading them to listen to during your next drive to work or exercise session.  




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