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Multi-Domain Battle (MDB) in Megacities

By The Cove May 16, 2019

On 3-4 April 2018, the U.S. Army TRADOC G-2, in partnership with U.S. Army Pacific (USARPAC) and the Australian Army, held a conference Multi-Domain Battle (MDB) in Megacities at Fort Hamilton, New York. The aim of the conference was to:

• identify MDB operational and strategic level implications of operations in megacities

• identify best practices for coordination with intergovernmental and other organizations during megacity operations

• identify specific U.S. Army Pacific, Australian Army, and TRADOC G-2 primary urban operations concerns/challenges in preparation for later events in this series.

Briefings and videos from this event are now available on the Mad Scientist APAN Site’s  Conference Page and the TRADOC G-2 Operational Environment Enterprise YouTube Channel. As part of the presentations, Australian Deputy Chief of Army, Major General Rick Burr provides his thoughts on 'Future Wars in Cities'.

The site 'Mad Scientist Laboratory:  Forecasting the Future of Warfare' contains a number of additional resources that support the themes discussed during the conference. There is also a wealth of general information on urban conflict and the future of warfare in densely populated areas.  



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