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By The Cove January 6, 2021

Welcome back to the Cove!

Yes we know, we weren't gone very long, but such is our commitment to you, our users and Army PME!

For most of you 'March-in madness' will not start until later in the month, so if you are looking for a PME fix and have a few minutes each day to spare, we are here to post something new for you every day.

The good news is we have plenty of articles in the pipeline, but don't let this stop you sending something in.  We need your continued support as most of our content comes from you.

New Year, New Team

For the first time since The Cove was launched we have a full team! The Cove Director (SO1 PME) is joining us later this month and is looking forward to leading the team.  The two Majors are the carry-over champions from last year (SO2 PME (Cove content) and SO2 Dev (Cove+)). We have a new SO3 Comms (the SO3 was deployed last year) and the WO PME is also a new march-in. With fresh faces come fresh eyes and ideas. The old and bolds already have a few ideas up their sleeves but we are all keen on new ways to bring you interesting and thought provoking PME. 

What's on the cards for 2021?

We have well and truly covered 'This week in History' and our articles remain available if ever you want to have a look back in the past, but this year we are taking a different approach to our historical reflections. Called, The Highest Honour, every Monday we will be featuring two Australians that have been awarded the Victoria Cross. These people undertook acts of courage in extreme conditions, and their valour needs to be remembered.  

One of the slogans The Cove Team created last year was, Cove: By soldiers, for soldiers; however, we acknowledge that there may be a misconception amongst soldiers that PME is only for officers or is only suited to the academically minded.  The Cove Advocate Program will assist 'change agents' in Brigades to help share the value proposition of undertaking individual PME and provide the support and network to help more people get involved. 

In 2021 the Australian Army’s Professional Development Program, COVE+, is going from strength to strength! Three new COVE+ units are being uploaded this week and the final 13 will be available to you by the end of January 2021 to provide you with a world-class library of tertiary-level learning modules, hosted on the Australian Defence Education Learning Environment (Unclassified) or ADELE(U) learning management system. This latest tranche of units will primarily deliver a series of topics in The Art and Science of War, a broad focus on an Introduction to Security Studies, regional thinking in topics such as Security and Strategy in the Indo-Pacific, Terrorism and Political Violence on South Asia, as well as A Security Policy Analysis of Current and Emerging Issues will be available and more.

In addition to The Art and Science of War, some quality units will round-out the collection in the areas of Radio Propagation, Lean Thinking and one of the best applied critical thinking units you are likely to have available to you, Critical Thinking and Problem Solving.

These units are available to you anywhere – 100% online and self-paced, available at no cost. Access the COVE+ library on ADELE(U) and go to the Army section, read the COVE+ Frequently Asked Questions or email us at soldier.cove [at] for more.

COVID-19 restricted our ability to help facilitate the conduct Cove Conferences within Brigade locations. Cove Conferences are designed to introduce junior leaders to new ways of thinking about their role in the Profession of Arms. Cove Conferences aim to increase the intellectual component of fighting power through providing learning opportunities for junior commanders based on a theme determined by the formation’s chain of command. These sessions set the conditions for continued PME activities known as ‘Time with Teams’. This is where participants return to their units and conduct PME activities under sub-unit command arrangements. With 7 BDE already showing interest in getting a Cove Conference up and running early in the training year, we anticipate a busy year in this space. 

The Cove Team will also look to reinvigorate CoveTalks in 2021. With so many incredibly knowledgable people in their field of expertise, it would be negligent not to share their knowledge, insights and forecasts for the future of the Australian Army with as many people as possible. Since CoveTalk is live-streamed, we offer our viewers interactive engagement with the distinguished guests irrespective of their geographic location. Keep an eye out for our advertising that will let you know who and when the next CoveTalk will be. 

We have a few technical upgrades planned to the website and apps so it will continue to make your user experience intuitive, useful and contemporary with the latest functionality options. We'll be sure to let you know once the upgrades have been implemented so you can take full advantage. If you have suggestions on what improvement you would like to see on the website and apps, please let us know by sending us an email to soldiercove [at] 

The Team have some other ideas to introduce as well, but we are waiting to brief the incoming SO1 before we, "start writing checks our bodies can't cash!" 

Although we are an enthusiastic team of five, we don't have all the answers, so again if you have ideas on some PME activities that you would like to see on The Cove, we would love to hear your ideas!





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