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New Zealand Army Leadership Handbook

By The Cove July 30, 2017


The strength of the relationship with our Kiwi friends across the Tasman was forged long ago during the ANZAC Campaign. In addition to our strong military heritage, we also share a lot of commonalities in our approach to leadership. The New Zealand Cadet Forces Leadership Handbook is a very simple read aimed at a junior audience.  Its chapters however, contain lessons that are appropriate to all ranks and can be used to develop unit-based lessons for junior staff.  It covers:

  1. An Introduction to Leadership
  2. Principles of Leadership
  3. Approaches to Leadership
  4. Leadership Styles
  5. Teamwork
  6. Issuing of Orders
  7. Planning
  8. Orders and Regularity
  9. Roles and Duties of Non-commissioned Officers
  10. Managing Subordinates

Flip through the content of the handbook and consider giving elements of it to your junior staff to present on as part of their professional development regime.    




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