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Our Stories: The ADF on Operations - Series Two Episode Thirteen: Major Brian Hickey

By The Cove November 27, 2017

Task Group Taji is a combined force of Australian and New Zealand Defence Force personnel that first deployed to Iraq in May 2015 at the request of the Iraqi Government. Its mission, led by Joint Task Force 633, is to build partner capacity by training Iraqi Security Forces and performing an 'advise and assist' role as part of international coalition efforts to defeat the Daesh terrorist group. The fourth rotation - Task Group Taji IV - deployed to Iraq from November 2016 to June 2017 as part of Australia's Operation OKRA and New Zealand's Operation MANAWA. In series two, we follow the members of Task Group Taji IV as they complete their six-month deployment in Iraq. In episode thirteen, we meet Major Brian Hickey, the Officer Commanding Task Group Taji IV's 'Advise and Assist' unit. His team is on a mission to support Northern Baghdad Operations Command to prevent terrorist attacks and secure northern approaches to Baghdad.

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