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The School of Armour Papers 2016

By Tom McDermott February 13, 2019

The School of Armour is the Australian Army's centre of excellence in armoured warfare.  Based in Puckapunyal in Victoria, the School not only trains the armoured commanders of the future, but also works to develop future Australian and allied armoured doctrine and concepts.  It is both a battleschool and a think-tank.

Each year the officers and senior NCOs at the School produce discussion papers as part of the unit professional development program.  These are reviewed and collated into the 'School of Armour Papers' and then bound for wider distribution.  This year the Cove is delighted to share them, for the first time, with a wider audience.

Wide ranging topics include:

  • Digital C2 in the Armoured Cavalry Regiment.
  • The impact of simulation on training.
  • Relationships between logistics and arms corps.
  • Formation mounted reconnaissance in the combat brigade.
  • Leadership and the individual.
  • Australian soldier character.
  • The role of resilience.

What do you think of the views of the Team at the School of Armour?  How important do you think armour is to the Australian Army?  Is this an area we should be investing in?  Leave a comment and we'll make sure the School hear your view.




Tom McDermott

Tom McDermott is a serving Australian Army Officer and a student of strategy and military ethics. You can follow him on Twitter via the handle @helmandproject.

The views expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the position of the Australian Army, the Department of Defence or the Australian Government.

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