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Smart Soldier 51

By Army Knowledge Centre May 16, 2019

Smart Soldier is produced by Army Knowledge Group and publishes tactical lessons and tips for soldiers to improve their knowledge and expertise. It has valuable lessons for all ranks.

Smart Soldier 51 includes articles on:

  • Signature Management’ – the management of your signature will shape your forces' survivability.
  • 7 BDE’s Good Ideas Expo – new concepts, equipment and innovative solutions to improve capability.
  • Fight Light’ – ‘getting weight off the soldier’s back’ rather than the ‘all kit, all the time, just in case’ approach.
  • Working with Battlegroup Intelligence – the article highlights what the S2 Cell does for you, what you can do for the S2 Cell and tips for working with your S2 Cell.
  • The Advanced Operational Conditioning Program – a program focused on giving every soldier the opportunity to reach their full potential with an emphasis on injury prevention, performance and longevity.
  • Lessons learnt – FORCOMD Training Op Pause.
  • Managing your own administration – knowing where to go to find the information you need.
  • AARs – Tips to enable you to conduct a commander-led AAR.
  • QDE: Northwood Standing Patrol




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