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Smart Soldier: Army working in a pandemic

By Army Knowledge Centre July 20, 2020

Smart Soldier - Army working in a pandemic

This special release publication contains tips for soldiers working in a pandemic. Each article was drafted early in the spread of COVID-19 and approved by the COVID-19 Task Force. The articles were disseminated to units from April through May 2020, and now they are available in this one publication. It is packed with interesting articles and we are confident that you will find something useful. The following is a list of what this issue contains:

  • Optimising mental health and wellbeing
  • Do the right thing because it is the right thing to do
  • Managing fatigue and sleep deprivation
  • Management of a dispersed team
  • Maintaining force fitness at home
  • Working from home
  • Tips on keeping healthy in a pandemic
  • Troops on task working with civilian agencies
  • Using apps for good
  • Social media use in a pandemic


Additional Lessons from JTF 629.6 (WA)

Army Lessons was invited to work with Joint Task Group 629.6 to capture and then share the lessons of two soldiers who deployed to the State Health Incident Crisis Centre, Public Health Operations Cell, which was run by the Western Australian Department of Health. This was as a result of a larger DACC request from the Western Australian Government and was provided by JTG 629.6 (WA).

This article provides experiences and lessons in developing a contact tracing team in a pandemic. 


Smart Soldier - Army working in a pandemic



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