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So You've Drawn the Short Straw & Are on the Duty over Christmas

By Sally Graham February 13, 2019


If you're on duty over Christmas - don't forget to include your PME as well as the cricket

PME for Rear Details

Sitting in the guard room over rear details once all the official jobs are done, doesn’t have to be a quagmire of mindless trashy TV shows and movies. So here is the challenge – use an hour of your day to continue your PME (more if you have the inclination). And what’s more, here is a guide to finding some great material on the Cove and other activities to set you up for next year! Why you might ask? Well PME is here to stay, and once the training year starts, there is never enough time to get all the things done that you want to. Self directed PME is a great chance to challenge your own understanding of a wide variety of topics associated with Army, deepen your knowledge base and then come back in the new year ready to kick goals.

‘Where to start with PME?’ you may ask. Well, the Army’s solution is the Cove. As a resource with loads of articles, links, videos and activities- you won’t know the true wealth of the material that is there if you don’t just jump on and have a poke around. So if you're the Guard Commander or Duty NCO rostered over this Christmas period, why not ensure your team gets the most out of it? Have a look at the list, and prepare some questions to discuss with the group - you could even combine with other units on base for PME sessions.  Here are some ideas to get you started:


Break In

  Other ideas for leaders over stand down to set up well for 2018:

  • Get a step ahead, why not start thinking about your goals for next year. What are they, how do you make them happen, what assistance will you need? Write them down and work out how you are going to make yourself accountable. Maybe as one of your goals – a personal PME goal – what are you going to learn about/explore/change in 2018?
  • If you are interested in why PME is important- read the new PME Strategy to understand better why we are all on this journey!
  • Ask for a book off one of the many PME reading lists for Christmas – pass it around your mates when you are finished!
  • Write – anything, everything! Having followed many of the suggestions above, what are your thoughts on PME? What have you learnt? What moments of clarity have you had? Make it a blog post, PME activity, essay or the start of a journal. We don’t care, we just want you writing as well as reading.
  • Use the Cove (and the broader network) as a resource. There are lots of greater papers, doctrine and lessons learnt available to be found on it (in addition to those we've listed above) - just start browsing.

Ideas for units:

  • Check out your local Defence Library, or see if a few wise people in the unit have some books to contribute to a mini-library for the duty room.
  • Have a key appointment holder put together PME resources that are specific to you unit/trade/history for use over the Rear Details period.
  • Have a key appointment holder articulate their expectations for PME activities for those supporting rear details. There are a variety of PME lessons in the Cove which could easily be adapted to a rear details format.
  • Print off the information above and post it visibly in your duty room.
  • Leave a list in your duty room for bottom up ideas of things to include in the unit PME program for 2018




Sally Graham

Sally Graham is a Major in the Royal Australian Corps of Transport. She has sixteen years worth of experience serving in a variety of different corps and non-corps postings throughout her career.

The views expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the position of the Australian Army, the Department of Defence or the Australian Government.

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