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By The Cove August 3, 2020

~The links provided in this article are only availble on the DPN~

Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) 'standardise accepted procedures and processes for use in operations in order to remove ambiguity, misinterpretation and confusion'. LWP-G 0-5-1 Staff Officers Guide

Combat Brigade Standard Operating Procedures provide standardised and accepted procedures and processes for our combat brigades and are available on the Defence Protected Network. Volume 2  is made up of template reports and returns which can be opened via Microsoft Word, Excel or PowerPoint and saved into relevant headquarters information management systems. Examples include:

  • Battle Rhythm Template
  • MAP Stage Back Briefs Template
  • TOCG Generator
  • Decision Support Matrices Template
  • Sync Matrix Template and Exemplar
  • Overlay Order Template and Exemplar
  • Wargame Calculator and Recorder
  • Reports and Returns Templates.

All doctrine can be found on ForceNet by clicking the following link. You can set up a ForceNet account in a few quick and easy steps if you don't already have one.



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