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Terrain Model Construction

By The Cove May 13, 2019




A well constructed and detailed mud model is critical in providing clear visualisation and intent during a commander's orders and rehearsals. Noting the importance of a mud model, there is surprisingly little training or detailed literature available. Consequently, the quality of mud models can vary - significantly.

In this article from our wider PME network, David Chichetti takes the reader through a step-by-step process for constructing a mud model. David's article includes advice on preparation, foundation construction, terrain building and presentation.

The task of constructing a mud model is often assigned to a junior member of staff who may not fully understand its importance. David highlights the need for leadership involvement to ensure it meets the commander's requirements. This may require the staff seeking out the commander as they complete each step of construction.

David also offers ideas on the types of material that will enable a three dimensional and detailed mud model that is both durable and modular. Reading this article prior to deploying on exercise will assist staff in ensuring they have the requisite stores for their mud model before leaving the front gate.



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